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RESIDENCY Uberbau_house [Contemporary Art Research]

[2018] March, June and July

São Paulo, Brazil.

> Download the new  Research Residency Program of Uberbau_house (pdf. 1.2mb)
>Application Formulary

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The residency Uberbau_house [Contemporary Art Research] is an instance of reflection, research and documentation on contemporary art, as well as an opportunity of exchange with agents and organizations in São Paulo and all over Latin America.

The initiative is oriented to researcher visual artists, historian and art researchers, curators, art management’s, art teachers and other cultural agents.

  • Participants: 2/3 persons per month
  • Language: Spanish, portugues and english.

RESEARCH TEMATICS of the Uberbau_house Residencies

  • Contemporary Art as a research method
  • Local Escenes and Artist Run Initiatives
  • Curatorship and Art Editoriality 
  • Art System, Institutionality and Public Policies 

Proposed dates for the realization of the residencies:


  • MARCH. 5th to 21st of March
  • JUNE. 4th to 20th of June
  • JULY. 2nd to 18th of July

Participation fee: usd$950 (nine hundred and fifty American dollars)

That includes:

  • 17 days / 17 nights accommodation  (in a shared room), Breakfast; and use of the common spaces of Uberbau_house: kitchen, living room and yard.
  • Free access to all the activities of Uberbau_house.
  • Free access to the library and archive of contemporary art Reserva Ideologica.
  • Free access with editor profile to the database VADB – community of Latin American Contemporary Art.
  • A public instances of presentation and conversation of your work
  • Tracing and counseling from the coordination team.
  • Meeting program face-to-face in São Paulo and agents all over Latin America: artist, curators, art management’s, researchers and other relevant agents from the scene. 

Does not include:  

  • Transportation expenses to and from the residency location.
  • Lunch and dinner. Group meals will be planned.


To postulate, fill the Application Formulary

Apart from fill the formulary you have to answer some questions relative to the research work you are going to develop during the residency.

  • Download the new  Research Residency Program of Uberbau_house (pdf. 1.2mb)
  • Invitation letters will be extended to obtain aid funds and laboral permissions.
  • Certificates will be given after the conclusion of the residency.

+ info:

This initiative is possible thanks to the work Jorge Sepúlveda T. (Curator, Critic and Art Researcher), and Guillermina Bustos (Artist and Art Researcher), Paola Fabres (Curator and Researcher) and Marina Torre (Curator and producer).


The residency Uberbau_house [Contemporary Art Research] is member of:

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Colaborate with press diffusion:

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Residents Uberbau_house 2016 / 2017
  • Juan Fernando Lopez (Bogotá, Colombia) – economy and autonomus art management 
  • Laura Carvalho (São Paulo, Brazil) – the relation between color, architecture and the context
  • Dafne Valdivia (Guanajuato, México) – formal institutions v.s. autonomous art managements 
  • Dana Ferrrari (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – history of the artist role
  • Jazmin Saidman (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – art pedagogy and didactics 
  • Estefanía Papescu (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – emergent artist
  • Guillermo Rodriguez (San Juan, Puerto Rico) – art and technology 
  • Leonel Mittmann (Porto Alegre, Brazil) – pixaçao, graffiti  and urban art 
  • Abhishek Panchal (Mumbai, India) – artist as a educator 
  • Estíbaliz Barato (Madrid, Spain) – analisis models for art production 
  • Andrea Ospina (Manizales, Colombia) – art management, cultural management and temporal exception zone
  • Fernanda Avendaño (Santiago of Chile) – architecture and social body 
  • Natalia Murcia (Bogotá, Colombia) – contemporary art as methodology of research
  • Silvia Mariotti (Milan, Italia) – the relation between visual and literary production 
  • Naoko Mabon (Scotland, UK) – construction of identity in japanese culture in Brazil 
Residents Uberbau_house 2018
  • Michel Marx (Montevideo, Uruguay) – artist role in Montevideo Local Scene Local 
  • Andrea Ferrero (Lima, Peru) – Memory process in Latin America 
  About the Residencies Programs in Latin America:
Since 2010, the work team of Curatoría Forense – Latin america, together with Cooperativa de Arte, have produced and coordinated a total of 30 residencies of Contemporary Art in association with art managers and organizations in seven Latinamerican countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay) gathering more than 300 artist, curators, researchers, historians and art contemporary managements.


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