About the Residency

UNDERSTANDING LATIN AMERICA is a long-term residence held in São Paulo, Brazil, which discusses contemporary art as a political tool.

It takes place in an apartment located in the Copan building, one of the more important and legendary tower of the city, designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

The initiative is oriented to research visual artists, historians, art researchers, curators, art managers, art teachers, sociologists, anthropologists, and other cultural agents and social science professionals.

About Uberbau_house

Since 2016, Uberbau_house is a meeting place for discussion, research, documentation, and reflection on contemporary art in Latin America.

Uberbau_house gives continuity to the nomadic investigation and activities carried out by Curatoría Forense – Latinoamérica since 2005


what do we expect from the residency?

During the residence, we create a teaching-learning space, based on the exchange of experiences, organization of conceptualizations, intensive review of theoretical references, management, and production of works of art.

The residence provides to the participants:

  • Contemporary Art Seminar (2 days)
  • Tracing and counseling from the coordination team.
  • Public instances of presentation and conversation of the development of your workFree access to all the activities of Uberbau_house.
  • Meeting program face-to-face in São Paulo and online with agents all over Latin America: artists, curators, art managers, researchers, and other relevant agents from the scene. 
  • Inclusion in online publication and semi-annual research fanzine.
  • Free access to all the activities of Uberbau_house.
  • Free access to the library and archive of contemporary art Reserva Ideológica.

1st Residence of 3 months duration

Have a deep period of research in archives and specialized libraries in one of the biggest cities of Latin America.

2nd Residence of 3 months duration

Are you interested in social networking with other agents of the contemporary art system?

Residence of 6 months duration

Let´s have a full experience of working on art and living in São Paulo city, including researching and social networking. 


Participation FEE

6-month residency:  US$6.000

in 1 payment (10% discount): US$5,400
in 6 monthly payments, installment value: US$1,000 each.


3-month residency:  US$3.600

in 1 payment (10% discount): US$3.200
in 6 monthly payments, installment value: US$600 each. 


  • Invitation letters will be extended to obtain aid funds and laboral permissions.
  • Certificates will be given after the conclusion of the residency.


The participation fee can be paid in partial installments by transfer by Western Union, credit card by PayPal, or Global66.


  • Accommodation  (in a shared room), Breakfast; and use of the common spaces of Uberbau_house: kitchen, living room, laundry room, and dining room.

Do not include:

  • Transportation expenses to and from the residency location.
  • Lunch and dinner. Group meals will be planned.

Because of the current situation, we offer Flexible Participation Vacancies, in case for any circumstance you cannot travel, and your vacancy will be reserved for a future instance of Residence, without extra charges.

Our experience

| 47 collective residences | 130 individual residences | +500 residents | 8 books | 10 fanzines | 10 informative maps | +500 freely available articles | +100 seminars in cities in 9 Latin American countries and 8 in Europe |

OUR working method

We propose an experimental pedagogy, through instances of collective research and revision of our works. Research is a tool for practical implementation

OUR publications

We have publications dedicated to understanding: the relationship between contemporary art and communities; the organization of artist-run centers; and how works the art system in Latin America.

research areas

Together with our team and the more than 75 residents who have already participated in the residence, we have investigated topics such as:

  • Contemporary Art and social process
  • intersectional communities.
  • Local Scenes and Artist Run Initiatives.
  • Curatorship and Editorial of Contemporary Art.
  • System of Art, Art Market Institutionality and Cultural Public Policies.

related initiatives

We collaborate directly with VADB, a community of researchers of Latin American art, and Art Workers an initiative focused in laboral rights.

As well we are also in relationships and partnerships with local initiatives, institutions, and art collectives in São Paulo and Latin America. 

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