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Uberbau_house is a research center and a residency program of contemporary art research. It works mainly as a meeting space for people dedicated to debate, research, production, documentation and reflection on contemporary art in Latin America, who develop activities for annual work programs.
Inaugurated in 2016 in São Paulo (Brazil), this space is related with the nomadic work of 10 years of the team of Curatoría Forense – latinoamerica. From his experience in relation to autonomous management in countries of Central and South America, Uberbau_house will articulate a set of pedagogical activities, exchange of experiences, research projects, an archive of collective art initiatives throughout Latin America and a specialized library of contemporary art called Reserva Ideológica.

He also carries out partnerships as a program of group and collaborative residencies of art research at Cooperativa de Arte.

We maintain permanent contact with a network of collaborators made up of more than 60 art workers in 22 countries.


The space

Uberbau_house start in 2016 in a house ubicated in Pinheiros neighborhood, São Paulo (Brasil). Since August 2018 the space was moved to an apartment in emblematic Copan Building (designed by Niemeyer) in the city center of São Paulo.

The space has a capacity for 6 residents in shared rooms, a conferences and talks living room for 15 to 20 people,  independent kitchen and dinner room, and laundry zone.