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12 octubre, 2016

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Work Team of Uberbau_house

Jorge Sepúlveda T. (Chile)


Independent curator and art critic. Has done and asesorated more than 25 solo and colective exhibitions of south american artist. In 2005 creates the work team Curatoría Forense – Latinoamérica and is a fundator and coordinator of VADB – arte contemporânea latinoamericana, Editorial Curatoría ForenseRed de Gestiones Autónomas de Arte Contemporáneo – Latinoamérica, Trabajadores de Arte Contemporáneo, Cooperativa de Arte, Biblioteca Popular Julio Tapia (Chile), Uberbau_house (Brazil) y Reserva Ideológica (Brazil).

Has asesorated, giving conferences and seminaries about contemporary visual art, art circuits, public cultural funds, artistic imaginary and social imaginary and autonomus contemporary art initiatives in diverse institutions and spaces in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, France, Italy, México, Peru, Uruguay y Venezuela. His analysi´s text have been publicated in diverse media, between are destacated Documenta 12 Magazine, SalonKritik, Artenlinea, ArteyCrítica, Revista Plus and Alzaprima.

Guillermina Bustos (Argentina)


Artist and independent researcher. M.A. in Arts, with mention in Visual Arts, by University of Chile. Has obtein grants and prize for art research.

She has done more than 20 exhibitions in many countries as Argentina, Chile, México and Colombia, individually and colective.

Since 2015 works with the research contemporary art work team Curatoría Forense – Latinoamérica, in the coordination of residencies and production of seminarys in relation to Cooperativa de Arte in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, México y Perú. Is coordinator of VADB – arte contemporânea latinoamericana, Editorial Curatoría Forense, la Red de Gestiones Autónomas, Trabajadores de Arte, Uberbau_house (Brazil) and Reserva Ideológica (Brazil).

Paola Fabres (Brasil)

paola_fabres-1M.A. in Visual Arts, in the line of History and Art Critic (by UFRGS, 2015). M.A. in Graphic Desing (by Instituto Europeo de Diseño, Madrid, Spain, 2012), graduated bachelor in Visual Arts (UFRGS, 2013), graduated in Editorial Graphic Designer (UnRitter, Brazil, 2011), and especialized in Visual Comunication (by the Academy Leonetto Cappiello, Florencia, Italy, 2009). Participated in the Pedagogical team of the Educational Program of Iberê Camargo Foundation between 2013 and 2014 and develop, since 2012, a field research about artist´s publications between XX and XXI century. Participated too in research groups «Auxiliary Repository of artistic and special publications» and «Artworks and devices that set up contemporary art: form, expression and context», vinculated with UFRGS – CNPq. Actually works as independent curator, give courses in art critic field, and autonomus designer of graphic projects; and acting as editor and curator of the digital magazine Arte ConTexto(2013-), digital artistic jornal about the cultural contemporary escenary. As well is critic and curator at Aura gallery, from Porto Alegre (Brazil). Since 2016 coordinates the initiatives Idea da manhã and Uberbau_house.

Marina Torre (Brazil)


M.A. in Curatorship in Visual Arts by UNTREF (Buenos Aires) and graduated in Social Comunication with specialization in Cinema by FAAP (São Paulo). Colaborates with Curatoría Forense – Latinoamérica since 2015 as producer in the residency Habeas data III and with the project Uberbau_house. Was curator assistence of the exhibition Memorias Imborrables, exhibit at SESC Pompeia, in the Angewandte Kunst Museum, MAC-Vigo, MALBA and Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Curated the exhibition Peso/Pluma in galleries La Sin Futuro and Trémula (Argentina).

Was producer of Videobrasil in 2003 until 2011, where produce many exhibitions, seminaries, talks and activities relates to the archive.