Residentes Junio / Junho 2017

Uberbau_house recebe a artista, educador e gestor Abhishek Panchal de Mumbai (India) para Residência [Pesquisa em Arte Contemporânea] para Junho 2017.


EN > Abhishek Panchal, as a human being and a persona, is an artist. Abhishek believes that life itself is art – every mundane thing we do, is an opportunity to live artfully – from how you chose to drink your tea, to the bowtie that adorns your neck, to how your handwriting looks every day. A keen observer of life, he appreciates all that is contained within every passing moment (these observations are often captured photographically).

Professionally, Abhishek is an illustrator, painter, graphic designer, visual arts educator, and an arts manager & curator, based in Mumbai, India. He began formally practicing visual art at the age of 20, and consciously chose to self-educate so as to maintain the purity of his artistic instincts. Adept with acrylics and comfortable using them to create commissioned pieces, he is, however, inexplicably drawn to ink, because it provides fluidity in thought and readily allows an intangible idea to take on a visual form. He is highly attuned to the colour and the minutiae of things – his artwork too, meticulously captures detail. As for his preference of colours: Black is poetic; a natural urge. Red is neutral. Blue is the colour he would paint his skin with and shoot into his veins. Thematically, his artwork is either an exploration of the stories that people carry, a philosophical reflection on life, or encapsulates his own experiences. His work predominantly categorizes as abstract expressionist. Abhishek embraces the full spectrum of emotions, and not only the pretty ones. His inspiration is his own pain; his artwork is “dark and disturbing”, a many-layered thing with a life of its own (more so to himself than to his viewers). “None of my drawings are happy drawings”, he says. The process is neither easy nor calming for him, but it eventually provides a respite from reality. Art is not a means to transform his difficult experiences; it is not so much a release either, but more of an impulse.

Currently, Abhishek is as a visual arts educator, working with children with special educational needs in a school setting. He aims to pursue further education to enhance his ability to educate artists. He seeks to eventually establish himself as an ‘arts leader’. He would like to focus on re-envisioning curriculum development to incorporate more multidisciplinary arts practices and move away from the typical table-and-chair classroom. Aligned with his contemporary approach to art, he is of the opinion that artists should improvise upon the foundations of conventional artistic techniques – this would be a major focus of his work as an arts leader. Ultimately, playing this role would continually expand upon his own craft as well as his contribution to the field.

Pesquisa / Investigación

PT> Sua investigação voltada a entender o papel do artista e do educador em relação com a produção e com o sistema. Em seu período de residência no Brasil, traçou também aproximações e distanciamentos interessantes que comparam o nosso campo cultural em relação com a Índia.

ES> Su investigación esta orientada a entender el papel del artita y el educador.

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